Myo Mini

“Mini” Munchee Range: Extra Small & Small

Great for:

Pacifier replacement
Oral hygiene
Facial development
Myofunctional therapy
Swallow training
Reduce open bite / tongue thrust
Downs Syndrome therapy adjunct
Swallow training
Dental hygiene
Easy myofunctional therapy

Extra Small: Ages 2+ years

The Mini Munchee in Extra Small is for the smallest children in your family – featuring a handle that provides comfort and security to the most mini members of the team. Don’t need the handle? Simply cut it off!

A Mini Munchee: For Mighty Results

Mini Munchee is safe, non-toxic and comfortable – made of medical-grade silicone with a handle that makes it easy and stable for very small children to use.

Soft and snug, Mini Munchee gives the little ones a head start to healthy habits through the natural action of chewing.

Children in this age group can use Munchee passively or chew it actively. Munchee was envisioned to be chewed while being read to, incorporating its use into a fun and relaxing pastime.

Small: Ages 5+ years

Sized for the younger members of your family, Mini Munchee in Small is a fantastic addition to any child’s health regimen – featuring a handle that provides security and comfort to children. The Mini Munchee Small is the same size as the Munchee Chew in Small, the only difference is the added handle. If/when your child no longer wants to use the handle, simply cut it off.

Small Bites, Big Impact: Munchee for Little Children

Munchee is an oral orthotic device that’s easy to use. Younger kids are able to quickly integrate it into their day-to-day routine.

It is as effective as it is elegant in its simplicity: just chew!

Munchee can be used passively or actively during the day. We recommend using it actively throughout the day for up to 10 minutes. Try to chew multiple times per day to reach the 10 minute goal – increase the time as you become more comfortable!

What’s included?

Medical-grade silicone Munchee sized for small children ages 2 to 6.
Multiple small interior prongs stimulate the gums.
Mini Munchee comes with a handle that can be removed with scissors.

Please note: Your Munchee will be posted from the UK. For international orders expect delivery within 7-14 days. Any customs or other charges are the responsibility of the purchaser and not included in the purchase price.

Need help choosing a size? View the sizing guide.

AgeBody typeCANINE WIDTH (pointy tooth, tip to tip)MUNCHEE WIDTHBEST MUNCHEE

18 months – 4 years Not applicable. N/A N/A Mini Munchee
4 – 8 years Small to medium build. 30 – 35 mm 40 mm + handle Mini Munchee – Small + Handle (S)
4 – 8 years Small to medium build. 30 – 35 mm 40 mm Munchee Chew – Small (S)
9 years – Adult Youth with 12 year molars, up to an adult female. 30 – 35 mm 45 mm Munchee Chew – Medium (M)
14 years – Adult Large teen males, adult males & females with broad skeletal structure. 40 – 45 mm 50 mm Munchee Chew – Large (L)

Please note that orders outside of the United Kingdom may incur customs charges payable by the purchaser

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Within the EU £75.00 GBP Outside the EU £80.00 GBP
Mini Small with Handle