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Dr. James Bieneman – Orthotropics

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ALF Appliances & Biobloc Orthotropics, Dentist Dr. Larry Pribyl, Independence, Missouri

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Dr. Victor Avis explains Orthotropics

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Orthotropics by Indianapolis dentists Dr. Marla Wilson & Dr. Gordon Klockow

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Interesting articles and news

Root resorption

Orthodontics needs to change by Prof. John Mew

  ORTHODONTICS NEEDS TO CHANGE Root Resorption: Does it Matter? Most orthodontics in Britain is carried out with fixed appliances and is usually associated with some root resorption. I think most orthodontists are embarrassed about this resorption but accept it as unavoidable. However we are left with little idea of its consequence in old age. […]


Electromyographic Fatigue of Orbicular Oris Muscles During Exercises in Mouth & Nasal Breathing Children

Introduction Speech-language and audiological intervention, specifically in Orofacial motricity, is based on action on structural and functional aspects of the orofacial and cervical regions. This intervention covers from the aspect of patient awareness to the rehabilitation of the changed aspects in structural and functional terms. Therefore, among the methods used are isometric and isotonic speech […]


Comparison of the Effects of Rapid Maxillary Expansion Caused by Treatment with Either a Memory Screw or a Hyrax Screw on the Dentofacial Structures – Transversal Effects

The aim of the present study was to investigate and compare the effects of conventional Hyrax screw treatment and memory screw treatment on skeletal and dentoalveolar structures. Thirty-two patients with maxillary transversal deficiency were divided into two groups. The memory-screw group included 17 patients (nine females and eight males), while the Hyrax-screw group comprised 15 […]

Looking for Orthotropic Cases Studies

Orthotropics practitioners are located in many countries around the world, as are practitioners sympathetic to the orthotropic concept. Orthotropics therapy gives an individual the opportunity to change their health, their faces and their lives.
You can find an IAFGG member* (Orthotropist and Orthotropic labs) using the map below:

*. If you are a member of the International Association of Facial Growth Guidance, but your name has not been listed in this world map, please contact us by using this form.
This list of orthotropic practitioners is for the convenience of the public and is not an indication of qualification or ability

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