Oral Posture and Faces

“Close your mouth, Michael, we are not a codfish”, Marry Poppins 1964
There is an old wives tale in most cultures that run something like this; “Shut your mouth or the wind will change and it will set like that”. Like many old wives’ tails, there is a strong suggestion that within it is an element of truth. Discussing facial attractiveness is an emotive subject for anyone and one in which many parents refuse to follow a logical pattern since they may thus be forced to reflect negatively on their most precious procession and achievement in the world, their darling and beautiful child. Suggesting that facial form is not a God given genetic endowment is often considered sacrilegious, however this is not scientific.
The next timeyou travel to a busy public environment such as a shopping mall, restaurant or school observe how people hold their mouths at rest.  Observe if you can draw any conclusions between how much their mouths are left open and how they look, or rather the shape of their faces. This is especially apparent in children under puberty as they have yet to gain such a strong social awareness so are not trying to conform to any social pressures and when people are fully relaxed such as at home watching something that fully engages their consciousness such as their favourite TV show. The next time you are in a movie theatre look backward at all the staring faces fixated on the screen, compare the faces with their mouth closed with those that are really open. The conclusion could not be more dramatic, people who hang their mouths open really don’t look so good, and you don’t have to be a scientist to work that out.

Orthotropics--Orthodontics-Oral-posture-and-faces1 Orthotropics--Orthodontics-Oral-posture-and-faces2 Orthotropics--Orthodontics-Oral-posture-and-faces3
Mouth always closed, or almost closed- good cheekbones, excellent face shape Mouth slightly open- lower cheekbones Mouth resting wide apart- very low cheekbones, nose appears to be large and forehead is slopping back in comparison to facial complex.

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