Class II Non-Extraction Treatment in Adult Patients . Does it Make any Sense?


To evaluate dento-skeletal changes following conventional anchorage molar distalization therapy in adult patients. Thirty-three adult patients (25 females, mean age 23 years 1 month; and 8 males, mean age 28 years 3 months) were recruited from 4 Board Certified specialists (multicentre study). All subjects underwent molar distalization therapy using intraoral non-compliance distalizing appliances (Pendulum, Distal […]

Electromyographic Fatigue of Orbicular Oris Muscles During Exercises in Mouth & Nasal Breathing Children


Introduction Speech-language and audiological intervention, specifically in Orofacial motricity, is based on action on structural and functional aspects of the orofacial and cervical regions. This intervention covers from the aspect of patient awareness to the rehabilitation of the changed aspects in structural and functional terms. Therefore, among the methods used are isometric and isotonic speech […]

Comparison of the Effects of Rapid Maxillary Expansion Caused by Treatment with Either a Memory Screw or a Hyrax Screw on the Dentofacial Structures – Transversal Effects


The aim of the present study was to investigate and compare the effects of conventional Hyrax screw treatment and memory screw treatment on skeletal and dentoalveolar structures. Thirty-two patients with maxillary transversal deficiency were divided into two groups. The memory-screw group included 17 patients (nine females and eight males), while the Hyrax-screw group comprised 15 […]

Biomechanical Behaviour of the Periodontal Ligament of the Beagle Dog during the First 5 Hours of Orthodontic Force Application


Abstract The aim of this study was to describe the mechanical behaviour of the periodontal ligament (PDL) in response to loading with different forces for a period of 5 hours. Seven young adult male beagle dogs (age 1.0–1.5 years) were used. After extractions and placement of implants, custom-made appliances on both sides of the mandible […]

Oral Posture and Faces

“Close your mouth, Michael, we are not a codfish”, Marry Poppins 1964 There is an old wives tale in most cultures that run something like this; “Shut your mouth or the wind will change and it will set like that”. Like many old wives’ tails, there is a strong suggestion that within it is an […]

Facial Shape and Sleep Apnoea


Within this site are several well-supported texts discussing how external influences in the modern environment are leading to a lengthening of the anterior facial skeleton. This is well illustrated if you compare the tracing of a primitive skull shape with a modern average such as is used by orthodontists when they are planning treatment (see […]

Stop Snoring

Snoring is due to vibration of the ‘soft palate’ (the flap of tissue at the back of your mouth). It is caused by air passing either side of this flap when the mouth is open, rather like a flag waving from side to side. Obviously it will not flap if you breathe through your nose […]

Make your Face Beautiful

Make your face beautiful with correct oral posture Ever since the work of Eva Fraserpeople have been aware that the function and posture of the muscles of the face can influence the shape of the face and that the shape of the face was not set in stone. Under the skin are muscles that are […]

To Avoid Lifelong Retainers

In the 1800’s, parents began to be concerned about the increasing number of children developing with crowded and irregular teeth and set back jaws. In the US, a dentist named Edward Angle, developed a method for straightening teeth by fixing wires to them and pulling them with screws and ligatures onto a larger wire, which […]