Make your Face Beautiful

Make your face beautiful with correct oral posture

Ever since the work of Eva Fraserpeople have been aware that the function and posture of the muscles of the face can influence the shape of the face and that the shape of the face was not set in stone. Under the skin are muscles that are susceptible to changes in size due to changes in function (as Arnie Schwarzenegger could tell you). The assumption was that faces progressively drop, this can be slowed but it is inevitable. This is clearly demonstrated following injuries to the nerves that innovate the face, although no one has questioned if the reverse could also be true, if by gaining the reverse effect the face could rise up.


The science of training the muscles of the face is known as Orofacial Myology. The most essential part is for the tongue to be pushing up forcing the upper jaw up and forwards giving support to the eyes and moving the cheekbones forwards. Although the forces of these muscles are small and their duration of action short, over time, day in and day out the force of the tongue on the roof of your mouth adds up.

Increasing the muscle forces can help to give shape and definition to the jaw bone but risks making a face look a little masculine.


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