John Mew’s Lectures 4 – An Actual Case

After I had conceived the Tropic Premise’ I started to apply it to many aspects of human development especially of course the face. I found that lay people could usually understand the concept of Growth Guidance quite easily but dentists had more difficulty and I found many orthodontists quite unable to grasp the concept. I suppose like surgeons, they are used to ‘fixing’ problems and the idea of encouraging natural growth is quite foreign to them.

To give an example of what I mean, I will quote Stanley a 13 year old boy with a severe impaction of his upper left canine. I was treating his younger sister and his mother casually mentioned that she had been told he needed surgery to remove or reposition the canine. I offered to help him and saw from the X-ray that the canine was impacted behind the middle of his upper right Central incisor; quite severe.

I said to his mother “I think I might be able to correct this without surgery”. Stanley was enthusiastic although I did warn him “it will be inconvenient and you will have to do exactly what I say, but it will not be painful” he agreed and I started a standard course of orthotropic treatment. I first widened the maxillary suture with a Stage 1 Biobloc by about 10 millimetres and proclined his incisors. This made room for his tongue and took just over three month by when he was 14 and starting at a new school.

I then fitted a Stage 3 with a ‘timer’ and asked him to become accustomed to it during the day, for a week or two, before wearing it for 20 hours day and night. He wore it well and within three or four appointments had got used to what we call the ‘Tight Locks’, meaning that the flanges on the Stage 3 were set to touch if he dropped his jaw at all. This of course meant that he had to keep his teeth in or near contact the whole of the time and the timer told me that he was wearing it for about 22 hours a day.

After another four months the Canine erupted in the palate just in front of the first premolar. Most people would not believe this possible but I have seen it several times before. You can see from the photograph that his whole face has grown forward about 15 millimetres within a couple of years. The Cell Volition Theory and the Tropic Premise both suggest that every cell in the body including those in the canine know where they should be, and provided the posture is correct, they go there.

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