SleepQ – Gentle Lip Gel

SleepQ+ Gentle Lip Gel Nasal Breathing
sleepQ+ is the most effective over-the-counter product for preventing snoring, mild sleep apnoea, sleep disturbance and dry mouth, caused by mouth breathing during sleep. sleepQ+ also prevents mouth breathing or venting during CPAP therapy without causing nasty side effects like headaches, skin redness or pressure marks often associated with chin straps. Preventing mouth breathing or venting is a simple way to improve CPAP compliance because patients can then lower their CPAP pressure, reduce dryness in the mouth and throat (even with a full face mask), visit the bathroom less often during the night and avoid heavy sinus congestion in the morning.
For those patients with limited tolerance of CPAP or dental appliances, sleepQ+ is an excellent follow-on therapy each night to prevent snoring, dry mouth and sinus pressure caused by oral breathing.