Myo Munchee

An amazingly simple tool that helps keep their oral health on track!

Myo Munchee
The classic Myo Munchie is a non-toxic silicone moulded oral orthotic device. Can be used passively at night or during the daytime and/or for active chewing (10 mins per day is recommended). The Myo Munchee works for both children over 5 through to adult.

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Age Body type CANINE WIDTH (pointy tooth, tip to tip) MUNCHEE WIDTH BEST MUNCHEE
18 months – 4 years Not applicable. N/A N/A Mini Munchee
4 – 8 years Small to medium build. 30 – 35 mm 40 mm + handle Mini Munchee – Small + Handle (S)
4 – 8 years Small to medium build. 30 – 35 mm 40 mm Munchee Chew – Small (S)
9 years – Adult Youth with 12 year molars, up to an adult female. 30 – 35 mm 45 mm Munchee Chew – Medium (M)
14 years – Adult Large teen males, adult males & females with broad skeletal structure. 40 – 45 mm 50 mm Munchee Chew – Large (L)

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