Seminars & Symposiums


Orthodontists worldwide, regardless of their nationality, strive to do what is the best for their patients. The objective of the Orthotropic-Orthodontic Seminars is to help dentists and orthodontists achieve their goals by providing free, state-of-the-art information and education in a neutral, non-judgemental environment.The Symposiums give a chance for members to meet, discuss progress and also allowed clinicians to update their treatment and pick up new developments.


The Next Orthotropics Symposium:

16th Orthotropics Symposium – International Association of Facial Growth Guidance

Celebrating Prof. John Mew’s 90th birthday

Prof. John Mew and the Orthotropic® Concept

being held at Four Star Copthorne Hotel, Gatwick

5th – 10th September 2018 in London

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