Prof. Jose Luis Gandía Franco

Prof. Jose Luis Gandía Franco

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery – University of Valencia 1979

Specialist in Stomatology – University of Valencia 1981

Master of Orthodontics – University of Valencia 1983

Doctor in Medicine and Surgery – 1987

Associate Professor – University of Valencia 1992

Head of the Master of Orthodontics – University of Valencia 2001



In the last years we have established a new working line in the University of Valencia. It started when Dr Sandra Kahn joined us and started organizing Orthotropics Meeting in Valencia by May 2016. This went our first contact with Dr John Mew. And since then our relationship has been growing and strengthening.  A new Orthotropic Meeting was held by May 2017 and it became the beginning of a clinic cooperation with Dr Mike Mew. We hope that the future of this new relationship will give us, the Orthodontic Department of the University of Valencia, a new approach in the treatment of orthodontic patients.



Contact details:

José Luis Gandia

Profesor Titular Ortodoncia

Director Máster Ortodoncia

Clínica Odontológica

Facultad Medicina y Odontología

Universidad de Valencia