John Mew’s Lectures 5 – Facial Aesthetics

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Facial appearance is hugely important for everyone’s success in life. Mothers often feel their child’s  face is God given and should be accepted, however many teenagers are more concerned about their facial appearance than anything else. I have done a lot of research on facial form and in one project I traced the changes that […]

John Mew’s Lectures 4 – An Actual Case

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After I had conceived the Tropic Premise’ I started to apply it to many aspects of human development especially of course the face. I found that lay people could usually understand the concept of Growth Guidance quite easily but dentists had more difficulty and I found many orthodontists quite unable to grasp the concept. I […]

John Mew’s Lectures 3 – Tropic Premise

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Orthotropics 3. Tropic Premise Why do human jaws and teeth often have poor growth when other parts of the body are rarely affected? Occasionally a child will have ‘Club Feet’ or perhaps ‘an extra finger” but in contrast, more than half will have malocclusion. I was much impressed by the research of Horowitz on Identical […]

John Mew’s Lectures 2 – Facial Growth

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If we apply the “Cell Volition Theory” to human growth we need to remember the importance of ‘position’ or in its long-term context ‘posture’, as this is what enables the cells to grow naturally to the right place with no pushing or pulling. I was taught that during evolution the genes changed slightly over the […]

John Mew’s lectures 0 – History of Orthotropics

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My father was an orthodontist practicing in the times of Edward Angle who is considered by many to be the Father of Orthodontics. Although Angle was best known for developing non-extraction orthodontics he also believed in the influence of the soft tissues saying “Orthodontic treatments are very unlikely to succeed, if the functional disorders are […]

Changing Smiles, Changing Lives

                Fridays and Saturdays, 8 am to 5 pm September 20-21, 2019   I    October 18-19, 2019  I    January 17-18, 2020   I    April 24-25, 2020 Why Biobloc Orthotropics?  convert vertical to horizontal growth  enhance airway, improve health  strong profiles, broad smiles ​ ​Course includes: Tools to screen SRBD in […]

German Government Orthodontic Decision

The documents have been translated using a machine and will thus contain errors. We are looking for volunteers to help with this. If you have a personal contact with any of the parties involved we would like to hear from you. Best wishes, Orthotropics Orthodontic treatment measures.pdf Oral health by jaw orthopedic treatment with fixed […]