The National Lifesciences Expo – Milton Keynes


Changing faces by Dr Mike Mew – 10th July 2018

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People feel comfortable with the belief that facial form is unchanging and the face they have is genetically predetermined, but see anyone who has a stroke, or similar accidents and it is clear that this is not true.  The lack of muscular effort from our soft processed modern diets and open mouth postures due to nasal allergies (which are reaching epidemic proportions) are clearly affecting the normal facial development and leading to crooked teeth, sleep apnoea, many ENT problems, neck and back problems.  Dr Mew is achieving the impossible, improving facial form.  At the moment it is hard work sweat and tears but with advances in 3D printing, facial recognition technology and materials he could take these concepts into main stream medicine.  It is an idea who’s time has come.

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