Korean Orthotropic Institute

Chairman Dr Hyunwon Yi


The first orthotropic course started in June 2013 and will be completed in May 2014. The course started on March 2014. During this course the first 3 months will be basic course to understand Orthotropics and then advanced course will be continued. It’s one year course. The curriculum of this course is based on application Orthotropics philosophy through Biobloc appliances.


The main objective of this course is to help each attendee so that they were able to diagnose and experience the orthotropic treatment to at least one malocclusion case using Biobloc appliances during the course.

Dr Hyunwon Yi

Dr Hyunwon, Yiruns Orthotropics courses in Korea. He graduated from Dental college of Kyungpook National University in Daegu in 1999 and obtained dental license from both Korean and American dental board. Specially trained Oral surgery for 2 years. He was always very keen in tweed technique and the micro implants, then he further studied Tweed and edgewise technique, but since he met ProfJohn Mew in 2005, he applied Orthotropics philosophy to all of his patients.

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2014 Orthotropics seminar schedule ( 연자:이현원 )

Basic course:

3월9일  (일) 오후 1시~ 오후 4시. Orthotropics philosophy에대한이해.

4월 20일 (일) 오후 1시~ 오후 4시. 진단, 치료계획, 예후에대한고찰.

5월 11일 (일) 오후 1시 ~오후 4시. 장치물에대한소개. 증례.


Advanced course:Biobloc Appliances

6월14일(토): 오후 3시~7시 US1 이론강의

6월1일(일): 오전 9시30분~오후5시장치물제작과정 demonstration 및실습, 조정방법강론


7월12일(토): 오후 3시~7시 LS1 이론강의

7월13일(일): 오전 9시30분~오후5시장치물제작과정 demonstration및실습, 조정방법강론


8월9일(토):  오후 3시~7시 st2, st3(st4) 장치물개론

8월10일(일): 오전 9시30분~ 오후 12시30분 stage2제작,

오후 1시30분~오후5시. st3제작(ideal cast) stage 3(4) construction bite 채득법. 각자의증례에 stage3(4)를제작하기위한준비과정


9월13일(토): stage3, 4 장치물심화이론

9월14일(일): 오전 ~오후 stage3(4) patient case에제작.


10월12일(일): 오전~오후 stage 3, 4. 장치조정법.


12월14일(일): cephalometric analysis.


2015년 1월11일(일): 증례발표및고찰.


2015년 2월8일(일): 증례발표및고찰.


Advanced course를듣는수강자는반드시치료할환자가있어야합니다. 우선첫증례로이상적인환자는 class I crowding을가진 8세이하의환자로 6번이맹출중이거나맹출하였고, (C),D,E가건강한상태여야합니다. 만일 Class II, mild class III 라면경우에따라가능할수있으나반드시사전에진단후적합하다고판단될경우에한해가능합니다.