Ethics of Changing Faces


International Association of Facial Growth Guidance Orthotropics (IAFGG) fully understand the increasing pressure within society to look a certain way or attain a certain weight, however it is a scientific organisation interested in the health issues and the development of the craniofacial structure. Whilst it supports research and academic debate, it also understands that facial appearance is a very emotive issue.

Professionally you can tell someone that they have “irregular teeth” without causing offence, but it is unacceptable to mention that they have an “ugly face”. Many mothers love their children for what they are and fail to notice the subtle changes that foretell a receding chin or other problems. Parents, children and individuals can not only feel insulted but also personally distressed to be diagnosed medically as such.

Healthy faces are good looking faces and unhealthy faces are not as attractive. Were this really God given then the ethics of this issue would not arise? This web site aims to raise awareness of the changeability of facial form and as such the terms healthy and attractive are both used and could at times be interchangeable. In reality they are quite interchangeable as humans are hardwired to be attracted to a healthy partner.

As some people feel that beauty is God given they feel that it should not be changed,such views should be balanced with effects on:

  • Self confidence
  • Health

This also raises the issue of facial dysmorphism, as it is possible to become fixated by concerns over your facial appearance. This is a little understood issue and we strongly recommend that individuals seek Orthotropic Therapy for health gains rather than the sake of their appearance.

It is important to remember that almost all children are born with the potential to be fully healthy and very attractive provided they are given the right guidance while they are still young. The IAFGG support the effort to give everyone this opportunity.