Dr. Yi Hyun-Won

Dr. Yi Hyun-won is the first committed Orthotropist in South Korea.  Her early career in dental field is composed of interests in research on basic science and in oral-maxillofacial surgery.  Since she opened her private practice in 2003, she has tried her best to make her practice to be more conservative and regenerative. Then she had seen the substantializing of horizontal growth which brought out cure of malocclusion at the first meeting with Dr. John Mew, she agreed to his philosophy.  Her reluctance in extractions led her to the practice of Orthotropics from conventional orthodontics since 2005. She established the Korean Orthotropics Center as an educational venue in 2013.


Dr. Yi Hyun-won puts long-term stability ahead that comes from correct oral posture. She aims for mandibular growth direction around 40 degrees in growing patients, and lower in adult patients.  Disproportionate facial growth negatively affects facial appearance and one’s health with different symptoms in different degrees.  She loves to help children to grow healthier and prettier.  And she feels rewarding when she could help patients at any age with health issues such as airway/oral posture related disorders like recurrent chronic ENT problems, sleep disorders, cranio-cervical muscle pain, and TMD.

Biobloc Orthotropics Course

Dr. Yi Hyun-won has provided twelve to eighteen-month courses since 2013.  The course is comprised of understanding Facial Orthotropics as philosophy and Biobloc treatment as technique which describes how the problems that arise from adverse growth can be corrected.  The course also contains appliance fabrication and its application.  The participants must treat at least one patient during the course who is accepted as their first.

Contact details:

Korea Orthotropics Center, Changwon Samsung Dental

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