Dr Mike Mew BDS (Lon) MSc (Orth)

Lecturer and lead clinician at the London School of Facial Orthotropics, Dr Mike Mew lectures and teaches extensively around the world. His personal interest is in the growth and development of the face, identify the effects of changes in posture, function and muscle tone and its relationship to orthodontic problems. Dr Mike Mew uses the orthotropics system to reverse the underlying conditions that lead to crooked teeth, sleep apnea, snoring and TMD, amongst a range of other symptoms. He is undertaking research to investigate how to improve these systems, using modern technology and innovative applications.

His vision is a fully integrated bio-feedback system that assists both children and also adults, to improve their health; specifically the symptoms described. Dr Mike is causing a revolution in health care and is pushing for a debate on what is causing crooked teeth with the orthodontic profession. The importance of environmental factors are clearly being ignored and could greatly assist orthodontic therapy and general health. Dr Mike aims to change a section of modern medicine by making it evidence based and focused on the long-term health of patients.