Dr Justin Lee

Head of Seoul Children’s Dental Center

1986 Graduated from Dental College of Seoul National University

1995 Ph.D from Seoul National University (Pediatric dentistry)

2016- Chair of Korean Academy of Cranio-Orofacial Growth Guidance


Justin had started his career as a pediatric dentist since 1986. From 2000, his professional interest moved to face from mouth. He met Dr. John Mew 2007 and changed his paradigm and attended Dr. Bill Hang’s course 2012. During past few years, he collaborates with Dr. Mittani and organized an academy named KACG (Korean Academy of Cranio-Orofacial Growth Guidance) and eager to learn and practice for young children.


“Guiding Impacted Canines by Orthotropic Concept”


Canine impaction is not rare condition of growing children. But in the textbook to treat impacted canines, early extraction of primary canines, forced eruption combined surgical exposure or extraction are recommended. By orthotropic concept, canine impactions are caused by poor growth of maxilla, In this, some of cases of canine impactions were treated by biobloc or RAMPA therapy will be presented