Dr. Dittmar Elfried Louie Eichhoff

Dittmar graduated in 1982 at the University of Stellenbosch Dental School, South Africa. Over the past 35 years since graduating he has been a General Dentist in Grahamstown, South Africa. Over the years he embarked upon and acquired several post graduate qualifications – PGD Oral Med (Stell – 1996), PGD Dental Implantology (Univ Western Cape – 2006), International Certificate in Dental Sleep Med (ACSDD_USA – 2013) and is presently engaged in an MS degree in Behavioral Sciences (Graduate School of Behavioral Sciences_USA – Prof Peter Litchfield).

In 2007 he realized the flaws of “traditional” retractive fixed Orthodontics and as a result embarked upon an intensive journey into the fascinating science of Functional Orthodontics. In this time he has been mentored by amongst others, Dr John Flutter from Brisbane, Australia and especially Dr Skip Truitt from Gainesville, Texas, USA. Dittmar has travelled extensively in pursuit of knowledge and skills and is presently a member of the BSSCMD (Brit), the IAO (USA), the AFDC (USA), the International Elexxion Study Group (Dubai) and a diplomat of the ACSDD (USA).

In addition he presently serves as Dental Advisor on the board of MySleep in South Africa and shall shortly be working in collaboration with Dr Isabella Fini Storchi, an ENT, in Florence, Italy associated with the University of Genoa Medical School and Dr Darius Mögthader, a dentist general, in Oppenheim, Germany to explore and refine protocols for the use of the Elexxion Claros Snore3 Diode Laser in treating OSA and snoring in adults. He also served on the committee of the Eastern Cape Branch of the then Dental Association of South Africa (DASA) and has been a committed Rotarian for 20 years before resigning in 2017 due to domestic and professional commitments. Dr Eichhoff has restricted his practice to Early Intervention Orthopaedics for children, the treatment of OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea) for adults and children and snoring in adults.

Adult OSA and Snoring – a Multidisciplinary approach to treating Adult OSA and Snoring

Snoring in adults is considered as an early warning sign of OSA. Snoring may be benign but, in many cases, may be an early warning sign of OSA. It is, furthermore, very embarrassing for the snorer and a matter of domestic conflict in families especially amongst spouses. Conventional treatment is usually very painful, aggressive, invasive and irreversible requiring surgery and hospitalization with the result often being only partially successful or even a complete failure.  This presentation will present a simple classification of snoring in adults and will explore the  evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring  of snoring using a multi-disciplinary, team approach with particular emphasis on using modern technology such as the Elexxion Snore3 Diode Laser  as a treatment protocol on its own or as part of a staged multidisciplinary approach to  non-surgically, non-invasively, safely  and comfortably reduce  flaccid retro-oral  soft tissues such as a long palatal drape, a long and/or broad uvula and a tongue base which has been retracted into the oro-pharyngeal airway space.


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