Dr Daniel Davis

Dr. Davis graduated in 2009 and has since then practiced in general dentistry and orthodontics. He has helped to operate two dental clinics with his father. His prime focus is on the truth and health.  His journey with Orthotropics actually began as a child, where he himself went through the treatment. This has inspired his passion to help others to fix their craniofacial dystrophy.


Since his graduation he has studied Orthotropics under his father Eric Davis; Mike and John Mew at the London school of facial Orthotropics; With Karen O’Rourke and Wyland Gibbs at the West Michigan Orthotropics study center; and orthopedic-orthodontics under Kenneth Lee at IADD.





Contact Details:


Phone: (61)-7- 3284 5755

Fax: (61)-7-38832526

Email: DrDavis@ericdavisdental.com

Website: www.ericdavisdental.com

Address: 40 Duffield Rd, Margate 4019 QLD AUS

&  9/330 Mons Rd Forest Glen 4556 QLD AUS