Dr Brian Hockel


Dr. Brian J. Hockel, DDS

Dr. Hockel graduated in 1989 and has practiced general / restorative dentistry and orthodontics, with an emphasis on non-extraction and “functional” orthodontics.  Since 2005 he has practiced Orthotropics, and eliminated “functional” and all other retractive approaches, prioritizing airway health in all treatment.  He is on the boards of the AAGO and NAAFO, and is an instructor of the AAGO.


Orthotropics and Adults:

Orthotropics aims to correct facial growth.  During the growing years our greatest ally is rest oral posture, and we use it in Orthotropics to accomplish changes that will improve facial appearance and airway health.  But what about our patients who are adults, and for whom the ages of growth are past?  What are the possibilities for helping the appearance of their faces, should that be a concern?  And what about the many patients whose facial growth has resulted in a compromised airway?  How important is that?  We will explore options available which can and will definitively help this critical population.



Contact Details:

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Website: www.hockel.com

Address: 2651 Oak Grove Rd.

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