Dr Ben Eastwood

Dr. Benjamin Eastwood graduated from the University of Alberta in 1979. He was born and raised in Edmonton within a family of three generations of dentists. Eventually, he married and created a family of his own with two children and two grandchildren.

Dr. Eastwood has practiced in downtown Edmonton since 1979. He was clinical associate professor at the University of Alberta Dentistry program from 1979 to 1994. He has also been proud to be the dentist to the Edmonton Oilers since 1979. He started a Biobloc Orthotropic practice in 1981 and continues to date in Biobloc. Instrumental in 1988 in introducing Oral Myology to our Community. Currently guest lecturer to the 1st year University of Alberta Orthodontic Graduate students. Active in community dentistry for our cities Homeless.


Orthotropics has brought to light the consequences of ignoring; Airway problems, and Orthodontics lack of understanding how conventional treatment does not address the problems. This has led to a new Mantra, “Airway Centric” in almost all areas of the orthodontic world. I believe Biobloc was the impetus that started the ball rolling. Throughout the years Early Biobloc treatment of cases has been shown to affect patients in many more ways that we could not have predicted. Using a few of my cases I will show how you may get results you would not expect. We are not in just the,”Smile” business and we must be there early to prevent.


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