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Investigatory Report : Dr Michael Gordon Mew

GDC Registration Number- 69138



  1. I have been instructed by the Board of the British Orthodontic Society (“BOS”) to carry out an investigation into the conduct of Dr Michael Gordon Mew (“Dr Mew”) arising from a number of social media posts that have been published in the field of Orthodontics and which purport to advertise his practice called Orthodontic Health Limited trading as Orthotropics.
  2. I am the Chair of the Ethics Committee of BOS and an experienced Orthodontist. I am Consultant Orthodontist at XXXXXXXXXXXX and a former President of BOS. I have 29 years’ experience as a Consultant Orthodontist.
  1. In carrying out this investigation, I have kept an open mind and I have based my findings on the social media postings made by Dr Mew from September 2017 to I have not considered all of the social media activity by Dr Mew but have listed below the video recordings that I have watched and postings I have seen in this matter.

The British Orthodontic  Society

  1. The British Orthodontic Society (“BOS”) is a charity which strives to promote the study and practice of orthodontics, to maintain and improve professional standards in orthodontics and to encourage research and education in orthodontics. In doing so, BOS seeks to improve the quality of dental care for the benefit of patients. The charity’s ultimate beneficiaries are therefore patients, and benefits to patients are provided through the advancement of knowledge, practice and standards in the
  2. The British Orthodontic Society is governed by the rules and regulations set down in its company Memorandum and Articles of Association, originally dated 14 January 1999 and updated subsequently with the last update agreed at the BOS AGM 22 September 2012.
  3. Membership of BOS is not a requirement for orthodontists but many orthodontists choose to join our All Orthodontists are registered with the General Dental Council.

Dr Mew

  1. The purpose of this report is to investigate concerns raised by members of the society that Dr Mew has behaved in a way that essentially amounts to misconduct and I has brought the orthodontic profession into disrepute by making a number of misleading, inaccurate statements about his skills, experience and the treatment  that he can offer to patients.
  2. Dr Mew is an experienced Orthodontist and practices in Purley in Surrey. He has a large online media presence and has undertaken a number of lectures on Orthotropics which is something which was developed by Dr Mew’s father, DrJohn Mew. Dr John Mew was erased from the register of the General Dental Council in December 2017. In undertaking this investigation, I have focussed solely on the conduct of Dr Michael Mew and not that of his father.

Action taken by BOS to date

  1. Dr Michael Mew was suspended in September 2017 under Article 17 of BOS’ Articles of Association which read –

“The Executive may suspend any member whose conduct in its opinion is contrary to the interests of the Society, or who fails to comply with these Articles or with the

Rules and Bye-Laws


  1. The conduct leading to suspension arose from a video that Dr Mew posted on Social Media which the BOS were concerned had, or could have the potential to mislead patients or cause harm.
  2. The video was posted to YouTube on 6 September 2017 and to Dr Mew’s YouTube Channel which contains a link to his clinic, Orthodontic Health Limited in Purley in Surrey.

Action post suspension

  1. On 16 November 2017, Dr Mew wrote to BOS to ask for further information about the conduct and requested that BOS should quote the very words” that he used which caused offence. The purpose of this report is to provide Dr Mew with the requested information.

Issues that have arisen since suspension

  1. At the time of his suspension, Dr Mew was requested to remove the video in question but he has chosen not to do
  2. Additionally, since Dr Mew’s suspension, Dr Mew has posted a number of additional videos to his YouTube account I his Channel which will also be considered in this report and which are a cause of concern.
  3.  In producing this report, I wish to make it clear that neither I nor anyone at BOS has any issue with a member raising concerns or putting forward evidence-based suggestions to improve orthodontic care in the United BOS and its members welcome research and scientific evidence which will improve the lives of orthodontic patients and improve care.

The General Dental Council Standards

  1. As an Orthodontist, Dr Mew is subject to the General Dental Council Standards
  2. The relevant standards that apply to Dr Mew’s alleged conduct are set out below

1.2  “You must treat every patient with dignity and respect at all times”

1.2.1 You should be aware of how your tone of voice and body language might be perceived.

1.2.2 You should take patients’ preferences into account and be sensitive to their individual needs and values.

1.2.3 You must treat patients with kindness and compassion.

1.2.4 You should manage patients’ dental pain and anxiety appropriately

1.3 “You must be honest and act with integrity”

You must justify the trust that patients, the public and your colleagues  place in you by always acting honestly and fairly in your dealings with them. This applies to any business or education activities in which you are involved as well as to your professional dealings.

You must make sure you do not bring the profession into disrepute

You must make sure that any advertising, promotional material or other information that you produce is accurate and not misleading,  and complies with the GDC’s guidance on ethical advertising

7.1 You must provide good quality care based on current evidence and authoritative guidance

You must find out about current evidence and best practice which affect your work, premises, equipment and business and follow them.

If you deviate from established practice and guidance, you should record the reasons why and be able to justify your decision

7.2 You must work within your knowledge. skills. professional competence and abilities

You must only carry out a task or a type of treatment if you are appropriately trained, competent, confident and indemnified. Training can take many different forms. You must be sure that you have undertaken training which is appropriate

for you and equips you with the appropriate knowledge and skills to perform a task safely.

You should only deliver treatment and care if you are confident that you have had the necessary training and are competent to do so. If you are not confident to provide treatment, you must refer the patient to an appropriately trained colleag

Dr Mew’s YouTube Channel

  1. Dr Mew’s YouTube Channel can be found as follows­ The channel was set up on 27

October 2011. As of 23 March 2018, the Channel had 18,466 subscribers to the


  1. In addition, the YouTube Channel connects to Dr Mew’s clinic’s Facebook Account to which he also posts the YouTube In addition to the videos on Facebook, Dr Mew’s clinic posts a number of public postings.
  2. In conducting this investigation, I have viewed a series of YouTube videos posted by Dr

Mew on YouTube and to his own YouTube Channel and social media posts as follow


6 September


Orthodontics Beyond


4962 Interview  with Dr Mew, his father and Dr Steven Lin Subject of Dr Mew’s suspension
24 October


V Log 17,10,24

Getting a Bit


4079 Comment on suspension from BOS, father’s suspension from GDC and earnings
10 November


The Abs Walk 18,466 Advice on how to improve your



abdominal muscles
12 January


Mark you may well die a decade early and this is preventable; by Dr Mike Mew 11,239 Advice to Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook from photographs of his face
16 February


Taylor Swift, Facial and Dental Analysis by Dr Mike – with a purpose 5,453 Advice to Taylor Swift from a photograph of her face
28/09/2017 A Response to Mark



whether there is evidence



23 March


Preventing Children from Needing Orthodontic Treatment in the Future 2,331 Suggesting that orthodontic problems may be avoided or reduced by baby led weaning
27/09/2017 Treatment of Patient

(see BOS letter of 16

October 2017)

7,404 Patient with breathing problem
09/09/2017 Treatment of Patient

2 (see BOS letter of

16 October 2017)

2981 Orthotropic journey- Sam’s video diary 1,2 &3

Summary Potential Misconduct

My investigation was confined to the reviewing of the above material. There are a vast quantity of videos on Dr Mew’s YouTube Channel and Facebook account and it has not been possible to screen them.

I had a number of concerns about Dr Mew when I viewed his videos and postings. I was expecting Dr Mew’s methods to be rather unorthodox and approached the materials with an open mind. Having reviewed his postings and videos I have grave concerns about Dr Mew’s fitness to practise and it is important that Dr Mew engages with BOS so that the Board can understand the reasons for his conduct.

From the videos, Dr Mew appears to offer advice to patients and the public which has no scientific basis.  Whilst on occasions, Dr Mew has stated openly that orthotropics is a system which needs a huge amount of research, he certainly seems to utilise social media and YouTube to induce patients to come to him for treatment. He openly states in his YouTube video “A reply to Mark Werthheimer” – Im not here to defend it, clearly I advertise the

system to get patients to come and see me”. There are links on the YouTube account to his practice and in some of the videos such as the Mark Zuckerberg video he specifically asks Mr Zuckerberg to come and see him.

As well as providing what appears on occasions to be inaccurate advice, Dr Mew seems to stray into an area of medicine for which he seemingly has no experience such as orthopaedics, and paediatrics.

On other occasions, Dr Mew’s comments appear to be highly offensive including reference to patients as “ugly” and offering advice from photographs to celebrities giving diagnoses based on their photographs.

I thought that in fairness to Dr Mew the most sensible way forward was to draft a number of specific allegations and invite him to respond in writing. This will enable Dr Mew to put forward a very clear explanation for his conduct and allow the Board to take this into account in considering  further action (if any). I know that Dr Mew is now represented by Hempsons Solicitors and will no doubt be able to take advice on his response to the allegations

The Allegations

Having reviewed the evidence listed in the table above, I have drafted the following allegations to which I would ask Dr Mew to respond in writing.

Allegation 1:


  1. In a video posted to his YouTube Channel on 6 September, Dr Mew made thefollowing comments –

(a) “Yes I think that most orthodontists are still focussing on the alignment of the teeth and not the health of the face”

(b) Dr Mew’s father stated “I think that that most orthodontists arent aware that incorrect treatment can actually change and possibly even damage the facial appearance so it’s become much more important over recent years as people are generally becoming much more concerned about how they look” You agreed stating “Yes I think that they are going beyond concerns of how their teeth look to how their face looks”

(c) “Before we could have straight teeth or teeth could be moved, people didnt think about having their teeth moved or straightened but now it becomes apparent that you can influence facial growth”

(d) Dr Mew’s father stated “I do think that you should look at this example behind me of how orthodontics can actually damage or improve faces there are plenty of examples. Many of the public cant imagine that merely moving the teeth will have much effect on the face but it undoubtedly  can and does” Dr Mewagreed  and replied “Yeh I think we need to expand a little on moving teeth”‘

The above statements were (i) misleading (ii) inaccurate (iii) deliberately misleading (iv) without scientific evidence (v) made to induce others to undertake treatment with you I your clinic (vi) bring orthodontics into disrepute.

Allegation 2 :

In a video posted to his YouTube Channel on 6th September Dr Mew suggested that the optimum time for treating patients was at the age of 5 or 6. Dr Mew made the following comments –

(a) “If a patient walks into my office over the age of 8 theyre into the area where its going to be compromise it depends on how hard they work

(b) “If someone comes in at aged 5, 61 can almost get a complete correction.

(c) If someone comes in younger I can give them advice on how they can correct themselves”

The above statements were (i) misleading (ii) inaccurate (iii) deliberately misleading (iv) without scientific evidence (v) made to induce others to undertake treatment with you I your clinic (vi) were potentially harmful to patients or potential patients

Allegation 3:

23. 1n a video posted to his YouTube Channel on 16 October 2017, Dr Mew gave the impression that children with crooked teeth were more likely to be less intelligent, were unable to breathe through their nose, were full of allergies, were more likely to have conditions of the gut and behavioural problem as well as sleep Dr Mew made or agreed with the following statements –

(a) We are going to talk about some areas for intervention as well were talking about sleep apnoea”

(b) Dr Lin replied Well exactly so the patients that we’re seeing so the kids that can’t breathe though their nose, they are full of allergies, and these are reverberating

to far more conditions in the gut, conditions with their sleep, conditions with their behaviour unfortunately”. Dr Michael Mew replied Yes intelligence” and “the intelligence of your child through the rest of its life

The above statements were (i) misleading (ii) inaccurate (iii) deliberately misleading (iv) without scientific evidence (v) made to induce others to undertake treatment with you I your clinic (vi) were potentially harmful to patients (v) unprofessional (vi) offensive

Allegation 4:

In a video posted to his YouTube Channel on 16 October 2017, Dr Mew gave the impression that children with straight teeth were better looking and children with crooked teeth were worst looking and that those children with good health were good looking with straight teeth

(a)  Dr Mew’s father commented “/think simply  put if the face grows  correctly  and you start treatment you can fairly reliably  promise that if you start correctly  all your other problems will go and youll have a good looking  child with good health and that is what most people  really want and we have to be careful  not to get side tracked  into too many  of the other issues that will go with thaf’  Dr Mew appears to agree with this and his reply is- “We balance good looking and healthy faces which is the same thing.  Saying people’s faces are good looking is an emotive thing. Sometimes doesn’t come across well particularly if you have a child that doesn’t have a nice-looking face”

(b)  Dr Lin says “But  as you say the idea of health and the idea of being good looking

go hand in hand’. Dr Mew replies “It’s  the same. It’s the same thing- it’s just a different  view of the same  thing …. /like John  Flutters  comment when  he sees someone with crooked teeth he knows  they are not healthy”

(c) Dr Lin states “we can see exactly  what’s  happening throughout the body just by

looking  at the mouth” Dr Mew’s reply “yes”

The above statements were (i) misleading (ii) inaccurate (iii) deliberately misleading (iv) without scientific evidence (v) made to induce others to undertake treatment with you I your clinic (vi) were potentially harmful to patients (v) unprofessional (vi) offensive

Allegation 5

  1. In a video of 24 October 2017, Dr Mew referred to his suspension from BOS, his father’s suspension by the GDC and suggested that (i) the GDC had mishandled his father’s suspension (ii) that the salary he earns was around the same as a hygienist.

The video contained the following statements –

(a) “Dad’s  suspended from the GOG so he can’t go back and work. You have actually taken someone’s livelihood away actually  the GOG has taken someone’s livelihood away.  The suspension was upheld  because he did admit  that he had done the wrong thing now I could  scientifically prove that he did do the right thing but I don’t get that opportunity. You dont get that opportunity in court because no expert  no case.  You don’t have an expert stating  your case you are likely to lose. The courts  get bored  of hearing  of this evidence the devil can quote the bible I guess.  Unless  they hear it from an expert they are not particularly interested of

course  if you dont have an expert  you got problems really.  I am also  a little bit

and I have lived with this all my life the orthodontic community treat me a bit like a

leper  really. You know.  I am treated  as wrong and unable  to make  my case.  You know..treated like a leper I cannot  make  a comment without  people  saying  there is no evidence for what I say. But I cant present the logic behind  it. The philosophical ground  behind  it. I just don’t. No-one bites. Anyway  yeah I had better  get on ...Go and engage  people in conversation ….

(b) I am working as hard as I can but I have  a lot of hassle on my plate. It is really

hard work to do what I do. I do a 10 hour day: I think it’s been a light day. I think per hour I’m probably paid like hygienist. So yeah I’d like some help really I would. Post my videos”

The statement in (a) above  was (i) inaccurate (ii) misleading (iii) deliberately misleading (iv)

misled  the public about  the work of the General  Dental Council

The statement in (b) above  was (i) misleading (ii)dishonest

Allegation 6

Dr Mew’s YouTube video shows  a link to a website called  Orthodontic Outrage. In post by Dr

Mew on he makes the comment below  which reads-

(a) Modern techniques such as Facial Growth Guidance and Orthotropics can avoid the need for surgery in most children. However most orthodontists and surgeons are untrained in these methods and suppress this information from their patients. They are supported in this by the General Dental Council, the body that is supposed to look after the interests of the public. As a result many patients receive major and potentially life threatening surgery quite unnecessarily”

The above  statements were (i) misleading (ii) inaccurate (iii) deliberately misleading (iv) without  scientific evidence (v) made to induce others to undertake treatment with Dr Mew I his clinic  (vi) were potentially harmful to patients  (v) unprofessional (vi) comprise advice that you are not qualified to give (vii) bring the General Dental  Council into disrepute

Allegation 7

On 16 February 2018 and after his suspension from BOS, Dr Mew posted a YouTube video to his YouTube Channel called “Taylor Swift Facial and Dental Analysis by Dr Mikein the video Dr Mew analyses a photograph of the pop star Taylor  Swift, which contains the following material –

(a)  In the description of the video, Dr Mew wrote Can we help Taylor? She is a very talented star who looks great but could she look better and might her previous orthodontics be putting her upper front teeth at risk?

(b)  Dr Mew stated -“Taylor …we’ve  got to work on our body and oral posture and function. Specifically we look at the combination of mewing and the abs walk. But the general space improvements we can make. My concern would be. Taylor, if you are watching this is if you have fixed retainers or you put retainers in at night, you are effectively holding your teeth forward out of your balance zone. We know that the teeth the bones and the gum sit in the balance zone and if you change this artificially with orthodontics that’s fine its made the teeth straight but now you are holding it there with the retainer. So, you are holding the teeth out of the balance zone in time

if you are not careful and you continue that swallow pattern and your posture the bone and gums will want to return to that balance zone leaving the teeth out of the balance zone so I would watch the gum and bone level on your upper front teeth. That would be my concern my actual, acute concern for you anyway all the best love your music

In the video Dr Mew recommended treatment for Taylor  Swift as a patient  which  was (a) not requested (b) for which there was no evidence-based diagnosis (c) no clinical  indication.

Allegation 8

On 12 January 2018, Dr Mew posted a video to his YouTube Channel for Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook. The video was entitled “Mark you may well die a decade early and this is preventable; by Dr Mike MewThis post was viewed 11,239 times. In the post, Dr

Mew states “you need to know these messages” and he made  the following statement –

(a) “Almost  everyone who uses one of these will get worse, worse, worse” [referring to sleep apnoea  treatments]

(b) Dr Mew diagnosed Mark Zuckerman with sleep  apnoea  and stated  that the treatments do not work

(c)  Dr Mew recommended- The alternative come and see me or talk to me”

(d) “I believe I am getting with best facial changes in adults yet achieved

(e) I am also certainly in my opinion getting the best facial changes upswing in facial form in young children. I mean my results are outstanding yeah they are outstanding”

(f)  “I am not meaning to be rude I am a doctor I am here to help people. I am here to make people better

(g) “I presented in Philadelphia and I said to people that I thought 10 per cent of people over 60 in North America and probably Western Europe are doing to die

10 years earlier because of sleep apnoea and its consequences”

(h) “I could tip that scale for everyone else on the planet”

The diagnosis of Mark  Zuckerberg’s alleged sleep apnoea  was (i) inappropriate (ii)

irresponsible (iii) unprofessional (iv) inaccurate (v)without clinical evidence

The statements in (a) (d) (e) (f) (g) and (h) were (i) inaccurate (ii) misleading (iii) deliberately misleading (iv) made to induce others to attend  Dr Mew’s clinic

Allegation 9

On 10 November 2017 Dr Mew posted a video to his YouTube Channel entitled  “The  Abs Walk”  which had 18,466  views. In the video, Dr Mew appears to give the suggestion that he is qualified to help patients to improve posture  and abdominal muscles –

(a)   Someone with good head and neck posture is far less likely to have sleep apnoea.

We know people with sleep apnoea tend to usually gain calories, to gain pounds” (b) This goes way beyond orthodontics and I do this for greatly the benefit of the world

and trying to get a message out there because I think it is important to get that....a lot

of people follow me”.

(c)  During  the video, Dr Mew shows  of a group of black men appearing to be slaves  and chained by the neck and uses the words “A shameful history without question but these guys have got great abs” and “I bet you that they have never been down the gym and they have never done a single sit up they are just naturally like that

The statement in (a) above  is (i) inaccurate (ii) misleading (iii) not an area of medicine on which Dr Mew is qualified to advise  patients

The statement in (c) above  was (i) unprofessional (ii) offensive

Allegation 10

On 23/03/2017 , Dr Mew posted a video to his YouTube entitled “Preventing Children from

Needing Orthodontic Treatment in the Future”  In the video Dr Mew  suggested that

orthodontic problems may be avoided or reduced by baby led weaning. He also suggested a means of aiding a choking baby that is contrary to the recommended  paediatric guidelines.

In the video Dr Mew made the following remarks-

(a) “babies should go from breast or bottle to something solid. Try not to give them soft food”

(b) “Give them hard food…Also large lumps of hard food – at this age it is very difficult to choke- their hyoid hasn’t dropped and if she (the baby) does take something on

board that causes her to choke, right now, it’s very easy to turn her upside down and give her a sharp smack on the back”

The statements in (a) & (b) above are (i)inaccurate (ii) misleading (iii) not an area of medicine on which Dr Mew is qualified to advise patients (iv) Dr Mew’s advice has the potential to cause harm or death to a baby

Allegation 11

On 27 September 2017, Dr Mew posted a video to his YouTube entitled “Adult treatment video diary1”

This video is a taped discussion  with a patient who is complaining  of breathing issues.  The consultation   has  a  general  direction  of  outlining  a  treatment  plan  but  throughout   the consultation  Mr Mew appears  to attempt to exaggerate  the symptoms. At 1.2 he states that ENT treatment philosophy is symptomatic and implies that it does not relate to the cause of a problem.  Importantly,  at 3.20 the patient states that his resting oxygen saturation was 85%. It is submitted that if the oxygen saturation is below 90% this is defined as critical and the patient should be seen by a medical practitioner. (British Thoracic Society guideline for oxygen use in Adults in Healthcare and Emergency Settings.)   Mr Mew appeared to find this amusing and did not immediately address this problem. He suggested that at course of orthodontic treatment would be provided. This would take several months.

(i)  The statements regarding the ENT treatment are not in an area of medicine on which Dr Mew is qualified to advise patients.

(ii) Dr Mew’s video was misleading and had the potential to cause harm to patients

Allegation 12

On gth September 2017 Dr Mew posted the first part of a video diary, there were two follow up videos posted on 27th September and 4th October

These are a series of videos showing a patient who is having treatment to improve the function of his face.

  1. U) This type of care recommended by Dr Mew is not based on evidence

(ii)        The type of care recommended by Dr Mew breaches  GDC standard 7.1.1.

(iii)        The video concerned a vulnerable patient who is being treated unnecessarily. (iv)           The treatment is inconsistent with Dr Mew’s  other statements that you cannot

change the face after 8-10 years old.

(v)        The video is (a) misleading (b) untrue and (c) Dr Mew displayed conduct which is unprofessional and I or irresponsible


It is important that the Board does not pre-judge Dr Mew. Although there is a great deal of video evidence which, on the face of it, looks concerning, it is important that Dr Mew is given the opportunity to put forward his explanations, his experience and views.

Dr Mew should be asked to provide a response to all of the comments in this report and in particular the allegations that have been set out above.

The response should initially be provided in detail and in writing. I would suggest that Dr Mew is given two weeks in which to provide a written response. A written response will ensure that the board of BOS fully understand Dr Mew’s position and that there are no misunderstandings.

Thereafter consideration should be given to oral representations from Dr Mew. This will enable the Board to ask further questions about his written response.

If Dr Mew can satisfactorily respond to the allegations, he will need to have his suspension lifted.

Dr Alison Murray

Chair of Ethics, British Orthodontic Society

28 March 2018


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