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Mike Mew hearing at the GDC – Friday 14th December 2018
Interesting day;
I was at an IOC (Interim Orders Committee) meeting today, to decide if I am a danger to the public through my social media activity and if I am a danger to the patients that I treat to determine risk after an investigative report was made suggesting there were some issues.

The issue seemed to boil down to the regulator not becoming involved in scientific differences – as it should not do.

I’m in the clear, no suspension and no sanctions. No nothing!

The GDC have now to decide if they should take this to a full hearing (today was not a fact finding mission, just risk), which is most likely but not certain.

Thank you very much for everyone who put a testimonial in they really demonstrated a sizable body of professional opinion which agreed with my position.

Thank you all for your support and you desire to do the best thing for your patients. We all walk on the wrong side of the tracks, we all stick our necks out. If I stick my neck out further than you, then you all benefit, it makes you look more center ground. And you know that i will do this anyway, Dad is not getting younger.

Together we are making a difference and these ideas are spreading far and wide.

Thanks again,

Mike Mew

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